Nourishing Nonchalant Nacho Cheez Dip!


Who doesn’t love warm comfort food!

This girl does!! like a lot.

Especially during that wonderful moment before Mother Nature kicks in. Ya feel me?

I came across this recipe in a cook book and added a few things of my own. Like lots of garlic hehe.

In our household we have a lot of tradional dinners throughout the week. Like taco Tuesday’s, China night, take me to Italy, pizza Friday’s, that sort of thing. I always try to do a twist.

Well gues what?

It was taco night!!

With our tacos I usually have rice or quinoa as a base, salsa, sautéed fajita, homemade pico de gala, and corn that has bits of onion and cilantro thrown in. It’s literally like chipotle which is a winner with the hubby!! Willow sticks with just the rice. Well I thought what would go better with tonight then some Nacho cheez?

Vegan of course!!

To make this I used half a cup of soaked cashews, a cup of steamed carrots, nutritional yeast, paprika, garlic, salt and pepper. Throw it in a blender and you have Nacho cheez!

To go the whole mile I then mix it with chunky marinara ( mine was homemade but you can use store brand if you like). Then I threw it in a fancy dish and crunched chips on top and threw it in the oven for ten minutes so that the favors melded together and boy was it amazing! I know I says this a lot but you can’t tell a difference and you get awesome nutrients!!

A little update on my life….it’s good:) just came back from a family weekend in the wilderness and it was bliss! No technology and food made on a fire! I’ll throw some recipes in sometime for a camping trip…you would be surprised how good vegan food is cooked above a fire!

Also we have been having some trouble with the wee one at night. We have been taking turns on putting our daughter to bed and we have to lay with her until she goes to sleep and boy was that a mistake! We are utterly exhausted and it’s been going on for months. So I did some research at the library and have started a bedtime routine…Tried the crying it out but not so cold turkey? We let her cry for five minutes then go in and soothe her and then it starts back up again. It took us 30 minutes after we put her to bed which I don’t think was that bad right?

Would love some input!! Statistically they say this works by the fourth or fifth night and tonight was hopefully the toughest!!

Have a good one!! Xoxo