Slimmin Salads!


Well, well, well….hey there!!

Its been awhile I know…and catchy title right?

Well surprisingly I’m very busy and I must fill you in!!

Firstly I have been crazy busy with this wedding stuff. Hopefully today I will be getting my invitations sent to me, and ordering my dress!! There is still so much to do but I’m trying to relax because I know everything will come into place and what’s it going to help worrying…right😄

Been interpreting yoga into my life and had a deep conversation with my sis…after working for so long I gained so much weight! So I decided I am on my weight loss journey!! It’s been a struggle that’s for sure, I have lost weight just not as fast as I would like. This is my fifth week and I have only lost eight pounds…so frustrating!! But I am making progress and that’s what counts! I’m hoping this week will be my ten pound mark! I have a log behind my mirror and I am marking what I weigh every Monday. I started yoga this week and I have been walking/hiking more as well as trying to eat well proportioned vegan food with a lot of greens!! My appetite fluctuates weekly with my hormones which suck…one week I’m craving super clean and watery smoothies and the next it’s a sweet tooth. Still been a vegan though!!

Since its been so long since I have written my last blog I have plenty of recipes logged!! Above is a fresh salad for a warm day!! I just threw on some greens and topped it with this carrot apple slaw my sister told me about. In a bowl you mix shredded carrot, shredded apple, raisins, vinegar, salt, pepper, and some olive oil…a little sugar on there makes it pop!

Till next time!