Spaghetti anyone?


Happy Monday!

I’m dragging my feet a little this morning but thats a Monday for ya right?

To boost me up for lunch I rubbed my hands together with a little evil grin (not a villin I promise) as I open my box I got from Amazon on Friday. To my delightful surprise it was the most beautiful spiralizer I have ever seen. The only one I have seen actually haha and it was on sale! Happy dance!

To try this bad boy out I whipped out a few fresh zuccini and started to work! I was getting frustrated at first because the zuccini kept falling off the prongs so I pulled out the directions that may or may not had been crinkled and already thrown in the trash. Yes I’m that girl. Turns out I had to hook it up to the other sticky out thing on the other side. So as soon as the bad boy was secured, I started “cranking” and I got this gem on my plate! Drizzled my famous marinara¬†sauce on there and here I am, sitting with a full belly!

The amazing thing is you can’t even tell the difference from the bleached out white noodle to the scrumptious organic green zuccini I was putting in my mouth . Pretty crazy right? And what’s fun is the variety you can do with a spiralizer; bring out the zuccini, yellow squash, carrots, beets and start your cranking!

Let me know how yours turn out!


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