Easy Peasy Pizza Anytime!


Hello and happy Spring!

I believe the 20th is the official day but I see flowers sprouting around my yard and it just makes me giddy! Willow has gotten a sunburn a sunburn already and I’m just walking around with a smile on my face as big as can be with the weather. I’m not sure if it’s like this every year or maybe because I was getting a little stir crazy, either way…hooray for Spring!

Since its been sunny we have been super busy and active outside. Taking trails for the dogs and long walks in the stroller later in the day. We also made our first raised garden bed! It is the cutest. I laid old logs as the barrier and it looks very cottage like. Totally my style, I will post it on the next blog when I get a good picture!

Above is one of the quick snacks we have been making…vegan pizza. You make your own tortillas (really easy…just pinterest!) or get store bought. Now you can make your pizzas any way you want but I’m sure you have caught on now and see I’m a whacko in trying things new so as a base I put bbq sauce down instead of marinara and believe me…I wanted more when I was finished!

Top it as you please….my go to for pizza is crushed garlic, shredded carrots (don’t dis until you try it) tomato, mushroom, and usually spinach. I typically will set the oven at 350 and let it cook for about 10 minutes or so…just until their is a crunch when you bite:) I have had them for lunch on numerous occasions and recently had one for dinner with grilled asparagus…that’s right…we brought out the grill:)

Till next time!


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