Ruby Reds Get In My Tummy

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So so you may wonder…hey Kayla, what the hell is that on the right?

Okay okay don’t be so quick to judge by the looks okay…a moms got do what a moms gotta do when her child is repulsed by fruit and veggies…especially a vegan momma. She doesn’t eat meat, she’s been a vegetarian since she was born with a few relatives here and their trying to sneak her a piece but she won’t have any of it! You go girl:)

So what does she eat? Mostly grains and I puree her fruit…she’s a texture girl I tell you! And to answer your question from earlier, it’s a homemade fruit roll up! I use to love those when I was a kid, granted they have no health benefits in them what so ever but that’s about to change!!

To make homemade fruit roll ups it does not require a dehydrator. Though you can use one, I used my oven. It calls for a cup of fruit…your choice, I used strawberries and mango. The recipe I used said to use parchment paper but I didn’t have any so I just sprayed a little bit of olive oil on the pan and they turned out fantastic.

Throw your cup of fruit in the food processed until smooth and spread out in pan. Pop it in the oven at 170 degrees for 5-6 hours and batta bing batta boom! Slice vertically with a pizza cutter and roll em’  up baby!! Easy enough right?

Well Willow STILL was not a fan of them:( but I loved them hehe.

The photo on the left was my tomato soup, it was originally marinara sauce I made from scratch. I used frozen tomatoes from our neighbors garden last year with sautéed garlic and onions and blended. I roasted some cashews as crotouns. It was a rainy day and was calling my name when I curled on the couch with Willow:)

Try the roll ups and let me know how yours turn out! Have a good one!!


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