Silly Sassy Stroganoff


Hey gang!

How was your weekend? Happy Monday!!

Our weekend was pretty laid back, we did go out Saturday night as a family to go visit Noah’s parents. That was really fun and Willow enjoyed herself very much!! Sunday we relaxed all day and snuggled under blankets since their wasn’t much to do outside in the cold. Everywhere is white! Beautiful and blinding!

As a close to the weekend, I wanted something hearty that would stick to my ribs so to speak:) So I decided to create a stroganoff.

It was thick, it was creamy, and it was hearty!

Just what I was looking for! To start this recipe I used onion and mushroom as a base. Threw it in the frying pan and started sautéing it up in the kitchen! When the onions are clear throw in a little crushed garlic. Add a tablespoon of flour, stir, add some water to make a thick past. Throw in your seasonings. Meanwhile you should be cooking your noodles, I chose whole wheat fettuccine solely due to the fact my options are limited and I have been procrastinating going to the grocery store:) drain your noodles and get you a bowl!!

I was running into the problem where I was so full from eating this magnificent dish but wanted more because it was just so yummy!! Started my new week off with a smile and a full tummy:)

Hope you have a wonderful week and till next time!!


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