Spaghetti anyone?


Happy Monday!

I’m dragging my feet a little this morning but thats a Monday for ya right?

To boost me up for lunch I rubbed my hands together with a little evil grin (not a villin I promise) as I open my box I got from Amazon on Friday. To my delightful surprise it was the most beautiful spiralizer I have ever seen. The only one I have seen actually haha and it was on sale! Happy dance!

To try this bad boy out I whipped out a few fresh zuccini and started to work! I was getting frustrated at first because the zuccini kept falling off the prongs so I pulled out the directions that may or may not had been crinkled and already thrown in the trash. Yes I’m that girl. Turns out I had to hook it up to the other sticky out thing on the other side. So as soon as the bad boy was secured, I started “cranking” and I got this gem on my plate! Drizzled my famous marinara sauce on there and here I am, sitting with a full belly!

The amazing thing is you can’t even tell the difference from the bleached out white noodle to the scrumptious organic green zuccini I was putting in my mouth . Pretty crazy right? And what’s fun is the variety you can do with a spiralizer; bring out the zuccini, yellow squash, carrots, beets and start your cranking!

Let me know how yours turn out!


Easy Peasy Pizza Anytime!


Hello and happy Spring!

I believe the 20th is the official day but I see flowers sprouting around my yard and it just makes me giddy! Willow has gotten a sunburn a sunburn already and I’m just walking around with a smile on my face as big as can be with the weather. I’m not sure if it’s like this every year or maybe because I was getting a little stir crazy, either way…hooray for Spring!

Since its been sunny we have been super busy and active outside. Taking trails for the dogs and long walks in the stroller later in the day. We also made our first raised garden bed! It is the cutest. I laid old logs as the barrier and it looks very cottage like. Totally my style, I will post it on the next blog when I get a good picture!

Above is one of the quick snacks we have been making…vegan pizza. You make your own tortillas (really easy…just pinterest!) or get store bought. Now you can make your pizzas any way you want but I’m sure you have caught on now and see I’m a whacko in trying things new so as a base I put bbq sauce down instead of marinara and believe me…I wanted more when I was finished!

Top it as you please….my go to for pizza is crushed garlic, shredded carrots (don’t dis until you try it) tomato, mushroom, and usually spinach. I typically will set the oven at 350 and let it cook for about 10 minutes or so…just until their is a crunch when you bite:) I have had them for lunch on numerous occasions and recently had one for dinner with grilled asparagus…that’s right…we brought out the grill:)

Till next time!

Avocado Ranch Dressing


Okay, firstly I would like to apologize for falling off the face of the earth. My excuse is it was sunny outside, and warm, and my skin was screaming out for vitamin D. I mean can you blame me? To make up for it, I have a whole bunch of new toe curling recipes for you and releasing one today!! Gotta keep you a little on edge to keep you coming back right? 🙂 Now to begin this delicious recipe above….

Life just got a whole bunch more exciting!!

I mean one of the biggest mishaps with being vegan that I hear is, “where’s the creaminess…where’s the cheese, ranch, and dairy?”.

Problem solved with the new, infamous avocado ranch dressing!

With these incredibly beautiful warm days we have been having I have been craving salads out the wazoo and figured I would do a little experimenting  in the kitchen and jazz up something different and new. So I had an avocado and an immense amount of almond milk I needed to use up stat. This is where the excitement begins…let’s bring out old Betsy aka my food processor that’s been around the block.

I throw in my avocado, 1 cup of almond milk, s&p, garlic powder, a variety of dried herbs. I press old Betsys button. The result….a discovery of something truly amazing. A result fulfilling the creaminess.

Just proving once again that veganism is awesome. Or just healthiness is awesome. Saving the world one day to the next in my kitchen…till next time dearies!

Gorgeous Greeny Greens Amongst Other Things

image image

Did you like how I made my title rhyme:) Just roll with it is what my sweet significant other says haha!

Well I am getting a little cabin fever with all this snow we have been getting and feeling a bit more productive with my blog post since it seems like a lot of you are liking them! I have also been pondering on writing a children’s book…I haven’t begun to decide where I will start but I have a lot of support from my mother-in-law in teaming up together and creating something amazing!!! I have a lot of researching to do! But can’t wait to share our journey with you!

Sooooooo lets talk food😍 From this past week, I have been noticing I have been making a lot of comfort food…my next post is going to be cauliflower alfredo ( my dinner last night ), above is a few lunches I have made this week. On a cloudy day I made roasted veggies on the right drowned in lemon tahini dressing. Roasted veggies are always the way to go….super easy and you can make whatever you want. I preheat the oven at 400 degrees and let them cook for 20 minutes with olive oil, salt, pepper, and crushed fresh garlic. The dressing is something I got from ohsheglows blog and is one of my favorite dressings!! In a food processor you put in a dollop of tahini, 1 tablespoon lemon, sautéed garlic, a little water to thin it out, blend! Use it on salads, sandwiches, roasted veggies, dipping sauce, keep it in a little bottle wherever you go, whatever! It. Is. Awesome. So, as you can see, I smothered it on top of my veggies and snarfed it down like a lady.

The lunch on the right is what I like to call a veggie yum yum gone vegan sandwich. I make my cashew cheez and smother it down on either side of the bun and then stack that baby with maybe a dash of mustard to keep things a little exciting! Then I put it with a side of cucumbers. Yum!! Once spring time hits (let’s hope that’s soon) I’m going to experiment with raw recipes!

Wish me luck! Have a super day!

Ruby Reds Get In My Tummy

image image

So so you may wonder…hey Kayla, what the hell is that on the right?

Okay okay don’t be so quick to judge by the looks okay…a moms got do what a moms gotta do when her child is repulsed by fruit and veggies…especially a vegan momma. She doesn’t eat meat, she’s been a vegetarian since she was born with a few relatives here and their trying to sneak her a piece but she won’t have any of it! You go girl:)

So what does she eat? Mostly grains and I puree her fruit…she’s a texture girl I tell you! And to answer your question from earlier, it’s a homemade fruit roll up! I use to love those when I was a kid, granted they have no health benefits in them what so ever but that’s about to change!!

To make homemade fruit roll ups it does not require a dehydrator. Though you can use one, I used my oven. It calls for a cup of fruit…your choice, I used strawberries and mango. The recipe I used said to use parchment paper but I didn’t have any so I just sprayed a little bit of olive oil on the pan and they turned out fantastic.

Throw your cup of fruit in the food processed until smooth and spread out in pan. Pop it in the oven at 170 degrees for 5-6 hours and batta bing batta boom! Slice vertically with a pizza cutter and roll em’  up baby!! Easy enough right?

Well Willow STILL was not a fan of them:( but I loved them hehe.

The photo on the left was my tomato soup, it was originally marinara sauce I made from scratch. I used frozen tomatoes from our neighbors garden last year with sautéed garlic and onions and blended. I roasted some cashews as crotouns. It was a rainy day and was calling my name when I curled on the couch with Willow:)

Try the roll ups and let me know how yours turn out! Have a good one!!

Silly Sassy Stroganoff


Hey gang!

How was your weekend? Happy Monday!!

Our weekend was pretty laid back, we did go out Saturday night as a family to go visit Noah’s parents. That was really fun and Willow enjoyed herself very much!! Sunday we relaxed all day and snuggled under blankets since their wasn’t much to do outside in the cold. Everywhere is white! Beautiful and blinding!

As a close to the weekend, I wanted something hearty that would stick to my ribs so to speak:) So I decided to create a stroganoff.

It was thick, it was creamy, and it was hearty!

Just what I was looking for! To start this recipe I used onion and mushroom as a base. Threw it in the frying pan and started sautéing it up in the kitchen! When the onions are clear throw in a little crushed garlic. Add a tablespoon of flour, stir, add some water to make a thick past. Throw in your seasonings. Meanwhile you should be cooking your noodles, I chose whole wheat fettuccine solely due to the fact my options are limited and I have been procrastinating going to the grocery store:) drain your noodles and get you a bowl!!

I was running into the problem where I was so full from eating this magnificent dish but wanted more because it was just so yummy!! Started my new week off with a smile and a full tummy:)

Hope you have a wonderful week and till next time!!