Smoothie Power


Good morning fellow earthlings! Above is my deliciously simple and fulfilling breakfast! To the right is my regular green tea in the morning, and to the left is my blueberry mangoe smoothie! Which brings us to our topic today…Smoothie Power! What is smoothie power? Well I sort of just made up the logo but it signifies pure raw organic high water content material straight into our body. Also can be found in juicing. My smoothies are typically simple and I usually hide some greens in there with ice and water then press the pretty black button that says blend.

I watched and inspiring documentary the other day, Hungry for Change. It was moving and what it basically came down to is that the human body always seems to be hungry when your not eating the the rights food with the proper nutrition for your body, so your body is still hungry and you grab the next thing you see. When you make a smoothie or juice in the morning…you are giving everything your body needs in just a few sips. That’s why everyone jokes about a veggie high which is true…scientists say that in 15 minutes after consuming a raw, vegan smoothie or juice you will see better, hear farther, and your skin will literally glow.  How crazy is that? I mean, personally, I can vouch that what the what the scientists say is true and I have a better day laid out before me…it just feels good you know? Our bodies are meant to be healthy and unfortunately in today’s society it is difficult. In order to make a decent living it requires most citizens to sit in an office for 8 plus hours and our bodies were not meant for that. A thousand years ago we were always on the run to find how we might get our next meal or where our shelter would be at. Not just that but food is a huge marketing business out there now. Companies put additives in the food so the consumer will have to come back for more…or having a huge billboard with a skinny girl in a bikini laying next to her diet. It’s crazy.

No matter how crazy the world gets out there, always get your smoothie on in the morning to give the nutrients your body needs and empowers you to make the right choices throughout the day!

Have a good one!


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