Scrumptious Roots


Wow, I am so sorry it has taken me so long to write a post. This week has been crazy and I kept working on my blog post but would always get interrupted…Willow wasnt been going down for a nap a couple times this week…is that normal for them to grow out of naps at that age?

So the picture above is of a delishous lunch I made just a few days ago…I roasted some root vegetables like sweet potatoe, Idaho potato, onion, then added some yellow squash and garlic. Diced all those pretty babies up and threw it the oven. While they cooked I decided to get the bowl ready, threw in some quinoa I had and then I pulled out my worn and torn blender I use everyday:) I wanted to make this bowl warm and creamy…so I made some cashew cheese! Now those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about…it’s a lactose free cheese you can make at home. Let one cup of cashews soak over night or for two hours, throw it in a blender with one tablespoon of vinegar ant two tablespoons of lemon and blend. So that’s what I did:) I waited a couple of minutes on the veggies cooking then tossed in the bowl with the quinoa and stirred. Then I put a large dollop of cashew cheese on top with some Rosemary! This bowl was sooooo good and very filling! Their are lots of things you can do with cashews too…you can make cultured cashew cheese, cream cheese, cheese sauces. Lots of variety there! Welp have a good one!


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