Salivating Vegan Burger


Ooooooh yeaaaaaah.

If this blog post could have a sound effect it would be that in a very very very deep voice because that is what comes to mind as I sink my teeth into this delicious concoction of mine:) I was feeling a bit creative this weekend and decided to make my own vegan burgers. I have done this in the past…it’s not my first rodeo okay but I have had to skip in dodge a few mishap vegan burgers purse’.

My favorite veggie burger I have ever made is seen above…I like to call it the delicious chickpea sweet potato burger. The prep time is a little time consuming…it just depends how creative you want to get with it. I like to get creative okay and this means adding and dicing a few extra veggies…but let me tell ya…it’s totally worth it. On the side I have a nice spring (I wish!) salad topped with roasted garlic chickpeas and I threw on some balsamic vinegar on top.

To make the veggie burger, it consists of one cup of cooked chickpeas, one cup sweet potato, a little bit of any veggie you want in here (shredded carrot, onion, broccoli florets ), one flax egg, a slice of bread crumbs, spices, cumin, 3 tablespoons of bbq. Stir it all together and it makes about 8 patties…cook for 20 min on each side at 350 degrees.

This is really flexible with what you put in your burger and how you want to eat it. You can have it as a burger, a stuffing in a wrap, by itself before or after being cooked. Tastes nice on top of tofu scramble for breakfast too. I unfortunately spent to much time on prep and had to snarf it down before we went to meet with a venue we were interested in. Which by the way I think we are going to take it. It’s a bit pricey but it has everything as well as nature and everything is outdoors. It’s literally calling my name!! Noah was a fan too! I think it’s fate though because this place gets booked all the time and they are already scheduling for 2016) and they had one weekend open….our weekend! Eeeeeek!!!! So happy right now! Please continue the messages and emails to me…I appreciate it and it’s interesting  to here everyone’s stories!

ps: you can through the burgers you have left over and save them for another time!


2 thoughts on “Salivating Vegan Burger

  1. Exquisite looking dish my dear – and by the sound of it (deep voice “oh yeah” it must be yummy as well!) Congrats on the venue! Can’t wait to see it…woo-hoo!

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