What is a Chia Seed?

Good evening! So today’s post is about…drum roll please…is about chia seeds!

Today’s society is very fast paced, always trying to get to the next apt, meeting, play date, what have you and fast food is dominating in our society. So much in America that we are now considered the “fat” country. Which is true considering our obesity rate. So why is our country so obese? It’s due too number of reasons but the number one is fast food. Fast food can be defined as a place you can go through a drive through  or at your own convenient store. Mac n cheese is just 7 minutes! Hello, is that natural? Now I’m guilty of buying these items ( I pride myself in solely buying organic for my girl) and I cave in because it’s easy, it’s cheap, it’s convenient. But as a person, as a human, as an earthling I now have stopped. I am taking the time out of my day to make sure I cook, grow, and make our meals from scratch. No more using the whole milk that has a hundred ingredients and has the same amount of sugar as our favorite fuzzy drinks have (pop), or the “natural butter” with ingredients I can’t pronounce. It’s not healthy and everything seems to have sugar!

Okay I’m getting off topic on my favorite ingredient….the chia seed! These bad boys are awesome! They are so tiny and cute and when you mix them in water or when I make my infamous chia pudding, they have a gelling effect similar to the aloe plant. These are great to throw in smoothies, even sneaking them into my marinara sauce so the fam has no idea they are getting amazing omega fatties through their favorite pasta sauce:) So what’s so great about them? Well yes they give us amazing omega fatties that nourish our bodies but they also have anothe epic power within them. The substance they turn into, you know the gelling effect, does amazing things to our digestion people. As it passes through our digestion it picks up all the bad buds that are hanging out in their wondering if they are ever going to see the light at the end of the tunnel aka the toilet. How do these bad guys get in our digestion? Well our liver passes what the body does not want in our body through the digestive track hoping it passes through the body…if it doesn’t our body secretes it and the bad buds could be a number of things. High sugar amounts, poisons, anything that’s not necessary or helpful, sometimes harmful, for our bodies. And unfortunately most of the time it doesn’t pass because typically the people who have these bad buds in their digestive track don’t have the best diet. But it can be cured! Just shake up a bottle of water with a tablespoon of chia seeds and it flushes your system out. It doesn’t have a bad taste and if you want to do something a little more exciting, it’s great to make pudding out of. My little girl eats it for breakfast often. One cup of almond milk with one tablespoon of chia and let it sit overnight in the fridge and in the morning you eat it…pretty easy ehh? Jazz it up with dash of vanilla and some agave nectar and get in my tummy!

Hope this was beneficial!

Chia pudding with chopped strawberries drizzled on top
Chia pudding with chopped strawberries drizzled on top

2 thoughts on “What is a Chia Seed?

  1. I kid you not child – I was just in the grocery yesterday and noticed they had chia seeds on display – I knew that you were a fan – and I told myself I was going to google to find out the benefit…however, you have just solved the mystery…”look out chia – here comes granny” whooo-hoo!

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  2. Right on mamma Gannon! Hop on this road to health with me! Your gonna discover loads more and you will soon see the effect of the chia seed…your energy levels are gonna spike sister!


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