Happy Valentines Day!!!

imageHope everyone had an amazing Valentines Day!!!

Ours was pretty chill-sweatpants and cat sweaters all day here:) we ended up enduring a pretty rough windstorm. When it took a break we went out on a family hike for bit to get some super fresh cold air into our lungs.

For our infamous family vday dinner we made some linguini with immune boosting marinara! Typically I make my marinara from scratch but I was lazy, hence the sweat pants, so I just added a bazillion veggies to thicken up the can of sauce from the store. Above is Willow helping mommy stir the sauce together. I secretly snuck in some chia seeds to thicken up the sauce as well as add some omega fatties to our delightful entree! We ended up munching it all down and jammed to a few toons!

Marinara sauce

Sautéed onion, mushroom, yellow squash, three cloves of garlic, purée tomato sauce, s&p, red pepper flakes!

Everything is organic!! We then just put linguini in a pot of boiling water and then voila!

How was your Valentines day?


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