Soooooooo I got proposed to today!!

image image

I just have to tell you the story! Eeeeeeeek so excited!

We woke up this morning, had a rough night with the wee one…kept getting up:( Noah says to me, “today is going to be a good day…want to go on a hike?”. He said it with the sweetest smile:) I was so excited…it was such a beautiful morning with a soft layering of snow. We went through a field and into the woods on the reservation, we hiked around a bend where the snow was glittering from the sun and we were surrounded by cedars. Willow was a walking marshmallow, it was adorable. I was ahead when I heard Noah say to Willow, “Give this to mommy”. I turned around and she was holding a ring box…Noah walks to me with a smile and gets down on one knee, ” Will you be my wife?”.

“Yes!!!!” I cried!

I had never been so unexpected in my life and happy too! The setting was just to perfect and everything I could of dreamed. Seriously sounds like I pulled it out of a romance novel…but it’s reality! Spent most of the morning calling my loved ones and my jaw hurts from smiling so much! What a day it has been indeed!

We have talked about our future in the past plenty of times but when it happened this morning…it was just so surreal. Like, this is actually happening to me! What a milestone! And the ring…don’t even get me started! It’s just so unique and really represents what and who I am. The winding band of diamonds reminds me of vines and the diamond in the middle just calls my name! After the proposal I was so cold but I didn’t have the heart to actually put my glove on and cover up this beauty! The sun rays were bouncing off the sparkle and it was just rainbows everywhere in the sweet woods surrounding us.

Just so happy right now! Hope you all have a beautiful day!


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