Eating the good st

I have always been passionate about food. About five years ago I decided to drop meat entirely. In fact, I was vegan my first two years. I was in college and hiking all the time. Was single and no children… life was a wee bit more flexible then. So when I was vegan, I dedicated and planned out my meals. Sure their were some hard days at first but after my first month I wasn’t looking back. It became a passion, slight obsession, and rewarding. I was obedient to myself and my body felt so good!

After two years I ended up falling off the bandwagon and caved in to dairy products. I blame the pregnancy hormones and the fact that life became a little bit to busy for me to plan what I was cooking. Truth is…their was no excuse and since then I have kept hopping on and off the fence with veganism. Since I am a stay at home mommy- you bet I started it back up today! Made myself this blueberry spinach salad with homemade balsamic vinaigrette. I snacked a lot on cucumbers and hummus. Whenever I transition to veganism I always find myself craving “heartier foods” like hummus or starches. Kind of has that thick creaminess that we are accustomed to in dairy products. Anyways…it was delish and I plan on logging my meals and posting the ingredients if you like! I love sharing the love!


Mmmmmmmmmmmmm- gotta love those blueberries and all their healthy antioxidants, right?

Willow, my daughter, has a very healthy diet as well and I make a lot of homemade granola bars/balls for her too. Just wait for next post!


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