Hello! today was interesting, anything BUT dull. Being a stay at home momma is new to me and Noah comes home and asks how I’m doing…how does it feel? Well, the best way I can sum it up is that it just feels right:)

I got quite a bit of cleaning done, potty training, coloring time, outside pick up the dog poop time😀, and some good ole hiking time. I’m just oozing with all this good energy and it feels great to get it out! Willow loves hiking almost more than I do, she’s one step ahead of me half the time. On outer way back, I could just feel all the endorphins releasing through my body and it was a great feeling. As I’m pulling the little red wagon with my sweet girl inside I just look up to the sky and smiled, realizing their is no where else I would rather be.

Now maybe it’s because I was so miserable before (working like a maniac away from my baby) or maybe it was from my kick a** super amazing fruit/chia smoothie you see below


Oh yeah…it was delish

But my point is…it was great to feel the way I did in that moment, the way I felt today. And I think that is not a  first. I am going through a life revelation here people and only good things to come! So keep up the good vibes, go on a healthy hike every now and then, and EMBRACE what life has to offer! On that note, does anyone have any similar experiences they would like to share?


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