Smoothie Power


Good morning fellow earthlings! Above is my deliciously simple and fulfilling breakfast! To the right is my regular green tea in the morning, and to the left is my blueberry mangoe smoothie! Which brings us to our topic today…Smoothie Power! What is smoothie power? Well I sort of just made up the logo but it signifies pure raw organic high water content material straight into our body. Also can be found in juicing. My smoothies are typically simple and I usually hide some greens in there with ice and water then press the pretty black button that says blend.

I watched and inspiring documentary the other day, Hungry for Change. It was moving and what it basically came down to is that the human body always seems to be hungry when your not eating the the rights food with the proper nutrition for your body, so your body is still hungry and you grab the next thing you see. When you make a smoothie or juice in the morning…you are giving everything your body needs in just a few sips. That’s why everyone jokes about a veggie high which is true…scientists say that in 15 minutes after consuming a raw, vegan smoothie or juice you will see better, hear farther, and your skin will literally glow.  How crazy is that? I mean, personally, I can vouch that what the what the scientists say is true and I have a better day laid out before me…it just feels good you know? Our bodies are meant to be healthy and unfortunately in today’s society it is difficult. In order to make a decent living it requires most citizens to sit in an office for 8 plus hours and our bodies were not meant for that. A thousand years ago we were always on the run to find how we might get our next meal or where our shelter would be at. Not just that but food is a huge marketing business out there now. Companies put additives in the food so the consumer will have to come back for more…or having a huge billboard with a skinny girl in a bikini laying next to her diet. It’s crazy.

No matter how crazy the world gets out there, always get your smoothie on in the morning to give the nutrients your body needs and empowers you to make the right choices throughout the day!

Have a good one!


Scrumptious Roots


Wow, I am so sorry it has taken me so long to write a post. This week has been crazy and I kept working on my blog post but would always get interrupted…Willow wasnt been going down for a nap a couple times this week…is that normal for them to grow out of naps at that age?

So the picture above is of a delishous lunch I made just a few days ago…I roasted some root vegetables like sweet potatoe, Idaho potato, onion, then added some yellow squash and garlic. Diced all those pretty babies up and threw it the oven. While they cooked I decided to get the bowl ready, threw in some quinoa I had and then I pulled out my worn and torn blender I use everyday:) I wanted to make this bowl warm and creamy…so I made some cashew cheese! Now those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about…it’s a lactose free cheese you can make at home. Let one cup of cashews soak over night or for two hours, throw it in a blender with one tablespoon of vinegar ant two tablespoons of lemon and blend. So that’s what I did:) I waited a couple of minutes on the veggies cooking then tossed in the bowl with the quinoa and stirred. Then I put a large dollop of cashew cheese on top with some Rosemary! This bowl was sooooo good and very filling! Their are lots of things you can do with cashews too…you can make cultured cashew cheese, cream cheese, cheese sauces. Lots of variety there! Welp have a good one!

Salivating Vegan Burger


Ooooooh yeaaaaaah.

If this blog post could have a sound effect it would be that in a very very very deep voice because that is what comes to mind as I sink my teeth into this delicious concoction of mine:) I was feeling a bit creative this weekend and decided to make my own vegan burgers. I have done this in the past…it’s not my first rodeo okay but I have had to skip in dodge a few mishap vegan burgers purse’.

My favorite veggie burger I have ever made is seen above…I like to call it the delicious chickpea sweet potato burger. The prep time is a little time consuming…it just depends how creative you want to get with it. I like to get creative okay and this means adding and dicing a few extra veggies…but let me tell ya…it’s totally worth it. On the side I have a nice spring (I wish!) salad topped with roasted garlic chickpeas and I threw on some balsamic vinegar on top.

To make the veggie burger, it consists of one cup of cooked chickpeas, one cup sweet potato, a little bit of any veggie you want in here (shredded carrot, onion, broccoli florets ), one flax egg, a slice of bread crumbs, spices, cumin, 3 tablespoons of bbq. Stir it all together and it makes about 8 patties…cook for 20 min on each side at 350 degrees.

This is really flexible with what you put in your burger and how you want to eat it. You can have it as a burger, a stuffing in a wrap, by itself before or after being cooked. Tastes nice on top of tofu scramble for breakfast too. I unfortunately spent to much time on prep and had to snarf it down before we went to meet with a venue we were interested in. Which by the way I think we are going to take it. It’s a bit pricey but it has everything as well as nature and everything is outdoors. It’s literally calling my name!! Noah was a fan too! I think it’s fate though because this place gets booked all the time and they are already scheduling for 2016) and they had one weekend open….our weekend! Eeeeeek!!!! So happy right now! Please continue the messages and emails to me…I appreciate it and it’s interesting  to here everyone’s stories!

ps: you can through the burgers you have left over and save them for another time!

What is a Chia Seed?

Good evening! So today’s post is about…drum roll please…is about chia seeds!

Today’s society is very fast paced, always trying to get to the next apt, meeting, play date, what have you and fast food is dominating in our society. So much in America that we are now considered the “fat” country. Which is true considering our obesity rate. So why is our country so obese? It’s due too number of reasons but the number one is fast food. Fast food can be defined as a place you can go through a drive through  or at your own convenient store. Mac n cheese is just 7 minutes! Hello, is that natural? Now I’m guilty of buying these items ( I pride myself in solely buying organic for my girl) and I cave in because it’s easy, it’s cheap, it’s convenient. But as a person, as a human, as an earthling I now have stopped. I am taking the time out of my day to make sure I cook, grow, and make our meals from scratch. No more using the whole milk that has a hundred ingredients and has the same amount of sugar as our favorite fuzzy drinks have (pop), or the “natural butter” with ingredients I can’t pronounce. It’s not healthy and everything seems to have sugar!

Okay I’m getting off topic on my favorite ingredient….the chia seed! These bad boys are awesome! They are so tiny and cute and when you mix them in water or when I make my infamous chia pudding, they have a gelling effect similar to the aloe plant. These are great to throw in smoothies, even sneaking them into my marinara sauce so the fam has no idea they are getting amazing omega fatties through their favorite pasta sauce:) So what’s so great about them? Well yes they give us amazing omega fatties that nourish our bodies but they also have anothe epic power within them. The substance they turn into, you know the gelling effect, does amazing things to our digestion people. As it passes through our digestion it picks up all the bad buds that are hanging out in their wondering if they are ever going to see the light at the end of the tunnel aka the toilet. How do these bad guys get in our digestion? Well our liver passes what the body does not want in our body through the digestive track hoping it passes through the body…if it doesn’t our body secretes it and the bad buds could be a number of things. High sugar amounts, poisons, anything that’s not necessary or helpful, sometimes harmful, for our bodies. And unfortunately most of the time it doesn’t pass because typically the people who have these bad buds in their digestive track don’t have the best diet. But it can be cured! Just shake up a bottle of water with a tablespoon of chia seeds and it flushes your system out. It doesn’t have a bad taste and if you want to do something a little more exciting, it’s great to make pudding out of. My little girl eats it for breakfast often. One cup of almond milk with one tablespoon of chia and let it sit overnight in the fridge and in the morning you eat it…pretty easy ehh? Jazz it up with dash of vanilla and some agave nectar and get in my tummy!

Hope this was beneficial!

Chia pudding with chopped strawberries drizzled on top
Chia pudding with chopped strawberries drizzled on top

Oh Happy Day



Well hello, boy have I been busy! You would think going from working full time to staying home and taking care of your child would almost be like a vacation? Nope! My girlie is keeping me busy 24/7 and guess who turns the big two on Saturday? That’s right! Willow!!! I’m just so excited about it!

The beautiful pics above were some of the many recipes the past few days. On the left is me cleaning out my fridge (haha) before I turn it into cabbage soup. On the right was the smoothie I made for myself, Willow, and my fiancé this morning. Oh to say the word fiancé! I love it!

The smoothie contains a smidge of pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, almond milk, romaine lettuce, half frozen banana, flax seed, and chia seeds. Man oh man was this yummy! If I had thrown in another frozen banana I would of made sweet delicious ice cream! After downing it in 2 minutes and getting past a brain freeze, I could feel the nutrients flowing through my body and I was getting my veggie high on. Noah was laughing at me because I was literally bouncing off the walls! It feels good being good to your body:)

So now that I in the groove of being a SAHM I’m incorporating wedding plans in there:) We decided on an August Wedding outside and right now the guest list is looking huge so wish me luck! I can’t wait and it’s going to be a very special day! Till next time!


Soooooooo I got proposed to today!!

image image

I just have to tell you the story! Eeeeeeeek so excited!

We woke up this morning, had a rough night with the wee one…kept getting up:( Noah says to me, “today is going to be a good day…want to go on a hike?”. He said it with the sweetest smile:) I was so excited…it was such a beautiful morning with a soft layering of snow. We went through a field and into the woods on the reservation, we hiked around a bend where the snow was glittering from the sun and we were surrounded by cedars. Willow was a walking marshmallow, it was adorable. I was ahead when I heard Noah say to Willow, “Give this to mommy”. I turned around and she was holding a ring box…Noah walks to me with a smile and gets down on one knee, ” Will you be my wife?”.

“Yes!!!!” I cried!

I had never been so unexpected in my life and happy too! The setting was just to perfect and everything I could of dreamed. Seriously sounds like I pulled it out of a romance novel…but it’s reality! Spent most of the morning calling my loved ones and my jaw hurts from smiling so much! What a day it has been indeed!

We have talked about our future in the past plenty of times but when it happened this morning…it was just so surreal. Like, this is actually happening to me! What a milestone! And the ring…don’t even get me started! It’s just so unique and really represents what and who I am. The winding band of diamonds reminds me of vines and the diamond in the middle just calls my name! After the proposal I was so cold but I didn’t have the heart to actually put my glove on and cover up this beauty! The sun rays were bouncing off the sparkle and it was just rainbows everywhere in the sweet woods surrounding us.

Just so happy right now! Hope you all have a beautiful day!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

imageHope everyone had an amazing Valentines Day!!!

Ours was pretty chill-sweatpants and cat sweaters all day here:) we ended up enduring a pretty rough windstorm. When it took a break we went out on a family hike for bit to get some super fresh cold air into our lungs.

For our infamous family vday dinner we made some linguini with immune boosting marinara! Typically I make my marinara from scratch but I was lazy, hence the sweat pants, so I just added a bazillion veggies to thicken up the can of sauce from the store. Above is Willow helping mommy stir the sauce together. I secretly snuck in some chia seeds to thicken up the sauce as well as add some omega fatties to our delightful entree! We ended up munching it all down and jammed to a few toons!

Marinara sauce

Sautéed onion, mushroom, yellow squash, three cloves of garlic, purée tomato sauce, s&p, red pepper flakes!

Everything is organic!! We then just put linguini in a pot of boiling water and then voila!

How was your Valentines day?